When things seemed hopeless

I lit a flame to stay alive, inhaled sweet fumes as I closed my eyes, awoken by a feeling of impending doom, my life was ending in a small pink room.   A ruthless ache attacked my sole now I was losing all control, I grabbed my phone and dialled some numbers, spoke to a […]

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Now I know my worth

  Goodbye to feeling like I will never good enough for someone. Goodbye to the darkness that takes over when I felt rejected. Goodbye to judging the quality of my personality by how many friends I have. Goodbye to feeling I need the people in my life that abuse my love   Goodbye to idolising negative […]

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It’s gasping for air because somebody’s depriving the oxygen from your lungs whenever you’re trying to speak to people

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Calling All Women: Why do we tear each other down?

  Women why have we grown a reputation, to fight until we find  insecurities to break other women in non threatening situations?  When a man comes our way, it takes little effort to make us feel strong, when in the eyes of other women  who we are is continually wrong. There’s such little solidarity, that when we get to the top, our main focus is not healthy competition […]

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