The D word – A Poem

Get away from me, I hate you, You make me feel worthless, Blame me for this pain i feel, Strip my existence of purpose, Your grip is so strong, a creeping presence that slowly overwhelms me You squeeze my chest then pin me down, I can’t get up until you let me. You fill my […]

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The truth is (A poem)

Hell was made for people like me, Watch me self destruct, gain your sympathy, I dream of your smile but never look you in the eyes, I want you close but tell you nothing but lies, You’re mocking me I know you think I’m funny, But when we talk, my words sweet you like honey, […]

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Now I know my worth

  Goodbye to feeling like I will never be good enough. Goodbye to the darkness that takes over in the midst of rejection, Goodbye to judging myself on how many friends I have. Goodbye to welcoming abusive people  Goodbye to pushing good people away. Goodbye to changing myself to gain others approval  Goodbye to expecting the […]

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It’s gasping for air because somebody’s depriving the oxygen from your lungs whenever you’re trying to speak to people

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