Calling All Women: Why do we tear each other down?


Women why have we grown a reputation, to fight until we find  insecurities to break other women in non threatening situations?  When a man comes our way, it takes little effort to make us feel strong, when in the eyes of other women  who we are is continually wrong.

There’s such little solidarity, that when we get to the top, our main focus is not healthy competition but knocking each other off. As if we’ve lost  the clarity that would enable us to see, that each one of us fought, sometimes even harder than a man to be everything we can be. . That if we left all the drama behind and  joined together,  we could fight inequality and move up the ladder together.

With frustration I sometimes want to say, “don’t you realise I am just another woman” not a target that you need to attack to make your  insecurities go away”. It confuses me when a  lady melts into  the arms of a man as if her hatred has just flown away, but with other women they imprison themselves in manipulation and petty mind games.

In the midst of everything that goes on in the world, it might seem insignificant as  to question why women sometimes act like mean girls, but in fact it’s of great importance that this is addressed, bullying, the subordination of innocent people needs to be put to rest.   Breaking people down until  in some cases they take their own lives, bullies are  insecure people who kill with emotional knives.

If maybe, we showed each other an ounce of respect,  rising above the cruel and subtle ways of making people upset, we could uplift ourselves instead as well as others and treat each other with the respect of sisters and brothers.

So I ask for females to spread love within our own community first, so we don’t enter relationships like we need to be told our worth.  Looking for someone to accept us and validate our beauty, because we rarely here it within our own community.

Dear Women,

You are beautiful and loved, even if when you feel like that couldn’t be further from the truth, there is always love when God looks at you,  whatever you’re story, no matter who will judge, you are  always enough,  and worthy of love.















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