Music and Mental Illness

Music silences you. When I put on those headphones my mind gives up it’s power and all the brain activity synchronises with its melody.

Music takes me wherever It wants to go, mental illness is swept up and swirling around my mind unable to find its grip.

Isn’t music wonderful? A masterpiece with each instrument contributing but a single note to create a melodic euphoria.

As music encases my mind, simulating senses, I see, feel, touch, all of it effortless all so real.

Music makes me remember, forget, laugh and cry, anger or forgive. When music fills my mind, the world is a soundless moving background and I am a new character.

Fully engaged in this role I play it with ease, all insecurities written into the script beautifully, romantically, idealised.

I am  the object of desire, either victimised or idolised, maybe both, regardless affection is tailored to my every need and I am free.

When the silence arrives it signals the end of peaceful noise, broken up by the static of reality, its over.


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