Anxiety  feels like the constant anticipation of something terrible

It’s when your heart is beating so noticeably fast in your chest that it’s hard to sleep

It’s when you’re feeling on edge all the time but not able to figure out why.

It’s when your shoulders can’t stop making conversation with your ears

It’s leaving social situations before you become victim to what you can’t predict

It’s a feeling that’s stirring inside of you as if you’re about to explode but never designate

It’s gasping for air because somebody’s depriving the oxygen from your lungs whenever you’re trying to speak to people

It’s little tolerance for anyone and a general dislike of everything

It’s wanting to be alone and safe within your own bubble of tension and distress but desperately wishing somebody would burst it and let you out

It’s feelings like you would do anything to find what could make you stop feeling altogether

It’s indulging in bad habits to relieve the anxiety momentarily

it’s feeling your rapid heartbeat afterwards and being filled with regret

It’s wishing that you could function and reminiscing of the days you used to

It’s being afraid to sleep without a distraction because your thoughts are too loud

Living with anxiety makes you feel like you’ve been running hundred laps first thing in the morning

Living with anxiety is like being asked to bungee jump from aeroplane when somebody asks you to join a group conversation

Living with anxiety makes you feel like living is more effort than life itself

Living with anxiety makes you look at yourself and feel pitiful, you despise yourself for not being able to manage

living with anxiety makes you feel so alone

Anxiety sucks

What I’ve found to be very helpful is yoga and the use of breathing techniques.

Wishing any other anxiety sufferers the very best


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