Knowing someone who took their life

Your memory brings on feelings of empathy laced with pain.  Mostly severe sadness and distress for the beautiful life deep suffering took away.

Your death is like a mirror, reflecting the decision I’ve not yet made, It’s hard for me to believe that when we reunited you kept your suffering  at bay

Life was simple in the days we were both young,  innocent,  and  carefree free

If only both of us could have seen the grief ahead, the heartbreak and anxieties

I look at your mother, her child is gone, His existence is no more

Her heart forever longing for when it can join that of the only son that she bore,

You are the reality of  unbearable pain stealing such a promising existence

May God receive your soul, lost and tortured I pray you have been delivered

Rest in peace, your beautiful being  and kind nature will never be forgotten

Regretfully I was not there to commemorate your life, but in these words you will never be forgotten


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