Messages to a broken Soul



Broken soul,


I will take you out from within and hold you, stroke your head softly as you lay on my chest. Your breathing hard, trying to catch your breath in between tears as you cling to me tight. Don’t worry, I will keep you safe, I won’t let you go. I won’t let go.


Broken soul,

I see you have scars and I will bandage the raw and aching wounds to make them feel better. You won’t feel anymore pain, there is no more pain ahead. I promise 

Broken soul,


Tell me all your troubles, I will listen, hold you close as I share your torment, let you break down in front of me just so I can piece you back together again

Broken soul,


The bad memories will be released soon, they will wither away like autumn leaves and you will be set free


Broken soul,

There is more to see, love is waiting and pain is fading, hold on and be strong


Broken soul,


They like to kick your bruises, reopen the wounds and leave you helpless. That’s when you end up in my arms, wheezing and weak but you won’t die I can keep you alive


Broken soul,


Let me nurse you back to health, cradle you and kiss your cheek, tell you it’s going to be ok whilst I feed you with sweet words


Broken soul,

You are mine and never alone, we’ll  find strength in each other and keep going

Hold on, broken soul. 











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