Moving on: The end of idealising someone toxic

We have reached the end of an era,

It couldn’t be painfully clearer,

We no longer wish to see each other again.


Anger has replaced longing,

Impatience over responding,

to each other in any type of affectionate way.


You openly never cared,

With resentment you shared,

Your eagerness to be free.


I opened my heart,

got it ripped apart,

anxiety lies where stitches should be,


My thoughts of you  idealised,

The reality filled with sick lies,

Simply a shell of who I thought you were,


Rather your filled with apathy,

You make me sick not happy,

Wasted years over thinking about her.


I’ve been trying to move on,

Continue being strong,

But that’s too much to be done just for you.


I will move on with my life,

Give it no more of my time

No more will I think about you


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